Mehandi design


Mehandi Design

Mehandi design

Latest Traditional Full hand Mehandi design 2020 

         Mehandi is an indigenous verb of deep red colour richness of mehendi signifies prosperity, fertility and luck of a bride. 

An Exclusive Guide To Types Of Mehendi So, Want To Discover A Full-Mehendi Ride!

Mehendi is viewed as a significant part of Indian culture which doesn’t mean beautifying the body only because it gives a jewelry statement in itself. So, choosing one comes as the selective option that comes up with the best in you to look gorgeous on any festive season. Like our Indian weddings where we’ve already seen many marvelous trends for the bride, thereby one can find some types of alternatives in bridal Mehendi which won’t even surprise you. Without this Mehendi ritual, weddings are not complete so that people follow this ritual in any Indian ceremony. Mehendi is beautiful as well as it shows sentimental, cultural, and social importance. It is recognized all over the world, especially in the east as having their wonderful types of Mehendi designs. So, make sure that you will select the best one after you have seen it all.

It’s the time to explore different types of Mehendi designs as I hope you believe that one never enough.

1. Indian Mehendi Designs :

There are a lot of Mehendi designs available but nothing can beat the charm of the Indian beautiful style. Indian Mehendi designs are incomparable to other types of Mehendi designs. These are condensed at the same time as they have already gained more popularity at the time of traditional celebrations such as Karva Chauth, Deepawali, wedding ceremonies, and many more.

2. Arabic Mehendi Designs :

This type of Arabic Mehendi design has its origin in the Arab world. Arabic Mehendi designs have already captured a group of admirers, especially in India. Sometimes, these Arabic Mehendi designs are referred to as Mughlai Mehendi design. Arabic Mehendi designs are pretty different from other sorts of Mehendi designs as they have many types of shading Mehendi designs. If you love to choose some different styles, you can simply choose this Arabic Mehendi design.

3. Indo Arabic Mehendi Designs :

When the two worlds come together, then it can be considered as a fusion way. Like this, the Indo Arabic Mehendi designs are good examples of fusion. When it comes to talking about this fact deeply, you will get to know that it is a showcase of the best of Arabic and Indian Mehendi designs. This Indo Arabic design often tells a feature of pairing the birds with Arabic shading and cashew and Indian floral patterns.

4. Pakistan Mehendi Design :

This Pakistani Mehendi design doesn’t include any kind of feature related to traditional Hindu elements such as groom, bride, and Kalash which are completely replaced by flowers, leaf-like patterns, and domes. If we compare Pakistani Mehendi design with Indian Mehendi, the features of Pakistani Mehendi designs have mandala too. This style of Pakistani Mehendi is influenced by Arabic Mehendi designs.

5. Western Mehendi Design :

Western Mehendi designs are viewed as a great piece of admiration, especially for the western world. This type of design is a medium of creativity. This is because the western style of Mehendi designs is pretty different from their desi cousins. They have some great features such as geometric shapes; imitate hand jewelry, and quirky patterns. Some sorts of examples are chandelier Mehendi, bracelet Mehendi, and a lot more.

6. Indo Western Mehendi Design :

Here, this is another fusion but we are happy not complaining at all. This sort of design is completely a mix of the west and east. This style of Indo western Mehendi is worn as a style statement for those who love western themes whether it is in attires or accessories. These Indo Western Mehendi designs are quite spaced out and modern patterns as well as traditional Mehendi designs.

Note: The Important Point I.E. Specifications Of Mehendi

There are different varieties of Mehendi available in the market but you need to choose the qualitative range of Mehendi which are outsourced and made from raw henna leaves that ensure top-notch quality in the final product.

Need To Ask Some Questions to Your Mehendi Artist Before Booking Mehendi Services

There are some of the questions which you will need to ask from your Mehendi vendors. If you are planning for many days of the event, whether it is reception or ceremony, you will hire a Mehendi vendor and ask some given questions. If you will do this, it will surely help you in hiring the right Mehendi vendor. Now, we are going to resume a new series which is called “Need to Ask Some Questions to Your Mehendi Vendor”. So, read it carefully which are stated below:

Yes, before booking any Mehendi service, you just need to ask some questions to your Mehendi vendor which are stated below:

Q-1. Do you have any experience in giving Mehendi services? Can you show me your portfolio?

Q-2. Are you available on a specific date?

Q-3. Don’t you have any other events to cover that day ?

Q-4. What are you known for? I mean any specific Mehendi design ?

Q-5. How long have you been in this Mehendi business ?

Q-6. How many clients have you applied Mehendi for yourself ?

Q-7. What are your charges for Groom Mehendi ?

Q-8. What will you charge for guests ?

Q-9. What will you charge for siders ?

Q-10. What will you charge for Mehendi on the feet ?

Q-11. What type of Mehendi you will use ?

Q-12. Can you give me a trial ?

Q-13. What is your booking policy for Mehendi ?

Q-14. Will you be able to manage to apply Mehendi for 20 other guests ?

Q-15. How many members of your team? Are they experienced or not ?

Q-16. How long will you take to apply the bridal Mehendi ?

With the help of these above-mentioned questions, you can easily figure out all your queries in lesser time. If you want to do this, you just need to start by asking the right questions to the Mehendi vendor. This will surely help you so that you can get all your required solutions for Mehendi as professionals who can only give you all the solutions.

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